is an online booking and food ordering service spreading around the world with the slogan FEED in SPEED and Food for all. It is a promising venture of Pearl Internet Service (Pvt.) Ltd. Under its umbrella of FEEDhouse with a commitment to Feed, Educate, Employ and Develop the citizens of the world to inculcate in them a Humane Order of Sustainability and Enlightenment. is not just the name of a service, but a unit that has taken the social responsibility of discovering quality which is our only brand and way of life! Through, you can make reservations and order food with incredible convenience and by availing amazing discounts on a number of meals and deals. Our partner Foodstations and food chains are listed on this website and you can readily select your favorite deal from the scrumptious and delicious list for ordering.

Our selection of partner Foodstations is highly competitive, and we guarantee that any our user friendly services will not only satisfy your taste buds but also make your life easy. We are different from the conventional food ordering method and other online food ordering portals because we know the value of time in your busy life and we also know its significance when appetite calls. Traditional methods of food ordering make you vulnerable to unnecessary hurdles between you and that tasty mouthwatering meal which is in your mind. We can reduce your waiting for the menus, making selections, calculating prices, and much more boring stuff about food providing. Not to mention the mad mobile signals which compel you to shout and repeat your order time and again. All this stuff just kills your hunger! We have provided you with a simple and interactive online platform where all of your favorite restaurants and foodstations are available in a single place and your desired meal is just a few simple clicks away!

We are currently providing online reservations of halls, rooms, tables and food order service to customers in Islamabad, Peshawar, Karachi, Abbottabad and plans are underway for expansion of this service to other major cities of Pakistan as well as the world at large. We claim Beauty with Taste and Speed. Our vision is to end starvation. Together we build the future. Because, you make us, as our aim is to meet your needs responsibly.

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